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Feedback We Have Received

"Emily was a godsend when we needed help with our three year old's bedtime routine. Having decided he no longer wanted to sleep in a crib, he used every excuse in the book not to go to sleep, and insisted that we rub his back until he fell asleep. As a result, he was not going to sleep until 10:00 pm most nights, so our evenings were becoming very late. I was going on an overseas business trip, and was extremely nervous about leaving my husband and son because of the highly demanding bedtime routine. Emily sent an initial assessment to complete, and we set up a time for her to meet with us. She came to our house;  saw our son’s room;  talked to us about our parenting style and bedtime routine; explained the ideal sleep routine and schedule for a child our son’s age; and came up with a couple of plans that would help us. We decided on the one that worked best for us, and she emailed it to us that same day. We immediately began to use it, and within a few days our son was going to bed earlier. Within a week and a half, we no longer needed to be in his room, let alone rub his back. We successfully gained back control of the bedtime routine with our son, and got back several hours of time. Emily checked in on us on a regular basis, and told us to reach out whenever we needed. She was very accessible and consultative throughout the entire process. We could not have asked for a better sleep consultant! I went on my business trip feeling much better about leaving. We would highly recommend Peaceful Sleep Consulting."

Beth and Michael L.
Fairfield County, CT

"Emily has been a pleasure to work with to get my 9 month old daughter to sleep through the night. Emily listened to our family needs to come up with a schedule that would work for us. She was always reachable and responsive. Thank you for your help getting my sleep back! And teaching me about the sleep schedule my baby needed. "

Annie B.
Stamford, CT.

“Emily is truly a miracle worker! Our 5 month old son was waking up every two hours and we were desperate for some longer stretches of sleep. After multiple failed attempts of our own at sleep training, Emily came into our lives at a much needed time and worked with our family to come up with a plan that was both gentle and specific to our family’s needs. She met with us in our home, spent time getting to know our family, listened to our concerns before devising a detailed and thorough sleep training plan. Not only is Emily knowledgeable and professional, she is warm, kind and made us feel like we didn’t have to suffer with sleepless nights as part of parenthood initiation! From the first day we met her, she was there for us around the clock to answer questions and help us navigate sleep training obstacles. She is the reason our son learned how to fall asleep on his own. It was remarkable watching him use the tools Emily put into place to fall asleep! I would highly recommend Emily to anyone looking for a sleep consultant! Emily is exceptional and very much understands the importance of sleep!”

Rachel A.,
Norwalk, CT

“I was a bit skeptical about sleeping training, as I didn’t think it would work, but after working with Emily, she completely changed my mind. Gone are the nights of constant rocking, feeding, cuddling and  co-sleeping, desperately trying everything to get our 5 month old son to fall asleep. Emily worked with our family to come up with an age appropriate sleep training plan that was both gentle and specific to our needs. Her extensive and impressive educational background, combined with her experience sleep training her own daughter and so many other families, made us feel like we were in good hands. Our five month old is sleeping through the night now and wakes up happy instead of crying. She gave our entire family the precious gift of sleep!”

Dan A.
Norwalk, CT

“Working with Emily was a delight. She took the time to understand our specific struggles, and she came up with a detailed, individualized plan to stem the sleep issues our daughter was struggling with. Emily was proactive, reaching out daily to check on our progress, and always ready to modify the plan if things weren't working out. With a couple of small tweaks along the way, our bedtime routines went from a daily battle to an orderly, peaceful wind-down time for our little girl. My wife and I have some extra time together again in the evenings, and we're no longer frazzled every night by a battle of wills with a three-year-old! All in all, we had a great experience with Emily, and if our second daughter has any sleep issues, we know who we'll call!”

Jason and Kate S.
Cary, NC

"We were struggling to get our 18 month old to sleep after we brought home a new baby. After a month of being utterly exhausted we called Emily. Emily was a great listener, considerate, compassionate, and understanding. Right away she got us started and we saw improvements in just the first few days. Emily communicated with us daily and got back to us in a timely manner when we needed her help or had questions. Our oldest is 20 months now and he continues to nap consistently and sleep through the night. No more car rides, rocking, or sleeping in bed with Mom and Dad. Just peaceful, independent sleep. Thank you, Emily!"

Lauren T.
Stamford CT

"I highly recommend Emily with Peaceful Sleep Consulting. I found Emily through a simple Google search of local child sleep consultants. I was drawn to the 5 star reviews and after 2 weeks of working with her I can say that they are well deserved. I needed help getting my 8 1/2 month old on a sleep schedule as she was transitioning from 3 to 2 naps. There is so much contradicting information in books, online, and even other moms about sleep schedules/training and I was feeling very overwhelmed. Emily stepped in and gave me a clear, concise plan that I could follow to help get baby the sleep she needed. Her responses to all of my questions and concerns where not only timely (she would usually respond within an hour) but they were thoughtful. She was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to use her again."

Sheena C.
Port Chester, NY

"I could not recommend Peaceful Sleep Consulting more. We have four year old twins who regularly took over an hour to go to sleep, sometimes even longer (at least once a week it could be two hours). We finally have our evenings back! Emily took time to evaluate our bedtime practices, how we left the children, and how we got them to sleep (or tried to). We had tried so many different ways to get them to stay quiet and go to sleep, even while we were in the room, but particularly once we left. Ours is challenging because they are the same age (twins!) and so very prone to talking and playing together, and... they have to share a room. So there is nowhere to put one of them / separate them to get them to sleep. Emily gave us a program of going to bed, and a script of how to interact when dealing with disruptions. It’s been amazing, and if you are reading this looking for someone to help with your child’s sleep, peaceful sleep consulting is definitely the way to go."

Elise F.
Stamford, CT

"I attended a workshop Emily held a few weeks ago and was very impressed by her knowledge and dedication to "peaceful sleeping." She provided some incredibly helpful information and there was no question she could not answer. My son is still a little young to be sleep trained but if he continues to sleep like he does I'm sure we'll be seeking out Emily's help in the near future!"

Stephanie L.
Norwalk, CT

"Emily was so knowledgeable and answered all of our concerns about sleep training our 13 month old baby. She is patient and caring, and makes herself available. We are so grateful for her continued support these 2 weeks and we will be sure to reach out to her in the future if need be. Do not hesitate to call, you won't be disappointed."

Ana C.
Stamford, CT

"To say Emily changed our lives would not be an exaggeration. My little one was four months old going to bed at 10pm, waking up every two hours during the night and short cat naps during the day. He was so difficult to settle for sleep and most nights both of us were crying. After working with Emily he now puts himself to sleep at 7pm, has scheduled, longer naps and we have a much happier baby (and mommy) during the day. For our two week sleep training we saw incredible results in only a few days. Emily really took the time to get to know my family so we could choose a plan that was right for us and she was always available during the training to answer any questions and give support. I truly cannot say enough good things about Emily and would highly recommend her service."

Amber B.
Greenwich, CT

"Emily helped us through the dreaded 4 month sleep regression with our daughter. She is thoughtful, patient, easy to talk to, and knows all the right questions to ask. She doesn't make you feel like you are doing something wrong, and feels like your own personal problem solver when it comes to your little ones. Was also available to us whenever we needed her. Can't recommend her more!"

Cara R.
Los Angeles, CA

"My husband and I called Emily after a few weeks of very poor sleep for our almost 2 year old who had always been a good sleeper. We were able to have a phone consult with Emily very quickly and decided to try one of the methods she offered. Depending on your parenting style and comfort level she offers varying types of training. We have a very strong willed girl though and we eventually went to the "full extinction" method and we have now had 5 nights in a row with no issues. Do not hesitate to contact Emily if you need guidance on sleep issues. We highly recommend her services and she was a pleasure to work with."

Jenn R.
Stamford, CT

"Emily came to speak to our Stamford MOPS (Mothers Of Pre Schoolers) group and gave us some practical ideas, some important facts about sleep & so much more. She was so generous with her knowledge and the moms had so many questions that she graciously answered! All the moms raved about her presentation and I would recommend Emily to any mom needing a sleep consultant because she offers a variety of approaches to help you and your family!"

Danielle D.
Stamford, CT

"My son was 5.5 months when I contacted Emily. He was waking up every hour at night and refused to sleep in his crib. I was desperate to find a solution! Emily came to my house for an in-person consultation. She devised a very detailed sleep plan (including naps), and walked us through it. It worked right away! Our son went from waking 8 times per night to 1-2 times within 2 days and now often sleeps a full 11-12 hours in his crib. Emily was extremely responsive throughout the process. Even when he regressed weeks later due to an ear infection, she helped us get back on track. Highly recommend!!!"

Sarah A.
New Canaan, CT

"Emily has been such a huge help with my newborn! Even before he was born she met with us to discuss some general tips so we could be proactive in the process of what to expect in the early months. Now that he’s a few months old we recently met again to check in regarding what’s working and what we could use some help with. Just a few tips and we already see a difference in his sleep habits! Emily is trained on many different sleep approaches and always has answers to all of our questions! She is patient, non judgmental, and wise!! I highly recommend."

Jami F.
Stamford, CT

"We purchased a package because we needed help with our 4 year old daughter who hates sleeping alone. We haven’t slept well in years. Emily helped us so much, with no judgment, and helped us find a solution that would work for us. Within a couple nights our daughter started sleeping alone in her bed. Bedtime has been a breeze. I’m floored. I cannot thank Emily enough because getting better sleep has changed everything! We HIGHLY recommend Emily!"

Lauren C.
Greenwich, CT

"My two year old was never a good sleeper. My husband and I were getting desperate. And cranky. After 2 weeks with Emily’s help our world has changed. Our little one now goes to sleep on his own in his own bed. That is a huuuuge improvement from hours in his room during the night. Thanks Emily!!!!"

Erica S.
New Rochelle, NY

"We had our hands full with our four month old who was dependent on his pacifier and was going through a terrible sleep regression. She put together an entire plan for us and was constantly available for us each step of the way. Instead of trying to google or read for your own answers while you’re sleep deprived (like we did for a bit) hire Emily instead. You and your family will get results easier and faster!!"

Jamie M.

Norwalk, CT

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