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Child & Family Sleep Training and Coaching

Helping Newborns - 5 Years Old Sleep Well Again

Bedtime Can Be An Enjoyable Experience!

Child and Family Sleep Consulting/Coaching: Welcome

Tired doesn’t even begin to explain how you feel…

Are you struggling with night awakenings, cat naps, bedtime battles, schedule changes, transition from crib to bed or poor sleep associations with your child?

You may be having thoughts like:

  • When will I ever sleep again!?

  • Will my child always be dependent on me to fall asleep?

  • Will my kid ever sleep through the night?

  • Will this potentially traumatize my child?

Without action, things could continue this way, those feelings of stress and unhappiness making it difficult to function throughout the day.

But with the right plan, you can reclaim your family’s sleep again, Peaceful Sleep Consulting is here to guide you through the process.

Child and Family Sleep Consulting/Coaching: About Me

How Does It Work?

I’m a certified sleep consultant who has helped over 800 families achieve true deep consolidated sleep outcomes.

We figure out what your current sleep pattern is like, do a visual tour of your environment, and understand exactly where the challenges lie

We then create a customized plan catered to your family and your environment, implementing a sleep schedule, create positive sleep associations and coaching you directly

Child and Family Sleep Consulting/Coaching: List
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What Makes Me Different?

  • I have worked with over 800 families and am rated 5 stars on Google for exceptional service (check out my testimonials below!)

  • Not only am I certified as a sleep consultant, but I have a masters degree in counseling and early childhood education & can bring a fully integrated approach to helping your family

  • I work with you directly 1-1 to create a customized plan that is specific for your family and for your home. Something that can’t be done through a simple course

I know what it’s like to go through this; when I became a new parent, I suddenly realized my real love for sleep and how important it was to the development of my child.

You can refresh your sleep again and make it a part of you, and I’d be happy to help you make it happen.

Child and Family Sleep Consulting/Coaching: About Therapy

My Sleep Packages



In depth overview of strategies you can do as a parent to set your child up for healthy sleep success, preventing the need for sleep training in the future.

Baby Sleeping

4 Months-5 Years Old

After an in depth consultation, we help create a sleep plan that provides your family with information regarding your child’s sleep habits and a step-by-step guide to implementing the sleep plan, along with personalized coaching and follow up support

Child and Family Sleep Consulting/Coaching: Services

Check Out What Our Clients Have To Say!

"We had our hands full with our four month old who was dependent on his pacifier and was going through a terrible sleep regression. She put together an entire plan for us and was constantly available for us each step of the way. Instead of trying to google or read for your own answers while you’re sleep deprived (like we did for a bit) hire Emily instead. You and your family will get results easier and faster!!"

Jamie M.

Norwalk, CT

"We purchased a package because we needed help with our 4 year old daughter who hates sleeping alone. We haven’t slept well in years. Emily helped us so much, with no judgment, and helped us find a solution that would work for us. Within a couple nights our daughter started sleeping alone in her bed. Bedtime has been a breeze. I’m floored. I cannot thank Emily enough because getting better sleep has changed everything! We HIGHLY recommend Emily!"

Lauren C.

Greenwich, CT

"Emily was so knowledgeable and answered all of our concerns about sleep training our 13 month old baby. She is patient and caring, and makes herself available. We are so grateful for her continued support these 2 weeks and we will be sure to reach out to her in the future if need be. Do not hesitate to call, you won't be disappointed."

Ana C.

Stamford, CT

"We were struggling to get our 18 month old to sleep after we brought home a new baby. After a month of being utterly exhausted we called Emily. Emily was a great listener, considerate, compassionate, and understanding. Right away she got us started and we saw improvements in just the first few days. Emily communicated with us daily and got back to us in a timely manner when we needed her help or had questions. Our oldest is 20 months now and he continues to nap consistently and sleep through the night. No more car rides, rocking, or sleeping in bed with Mom and Dad. Just peaceful, independent sleep. Thank you, Emily!"

Lauren T.

Stamford CT

If you’re ready to enjoy bedtime again, then reach out below for a free consultation!

Child and Family Sleep Consulting/Coaching: About Me
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